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  先付け (例) 盛り合わせ
  hors-d'oeuvre (ex)
  先付け(例) 胡麻豆腐
Kaiseki dinner course (ex)   sesami tofu (ex)
造り(例) 岩魚活造り   造り (例) 八汐鱒と寄せ湯波
live iwana sashimi (selected menu ex)   sashimi with Yuba (selected menu ex)
鴨鍋   ステーキ
duck nabe,pot (ex)   Tochigi beef steak (ex)
Tempra served soon after being cooked
ひょうたん型のふたを開くと・・・ 凌ぎ(例) よもぎそば
Japanese noodle
焼き物(例) 虹鱒の炭火焼
grilled fish



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