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Ryuzu waterfall covered with
spring snow in March
  Yashio Tsutsuji
Variety kinds of flowers can be seen here and there
Wild animals sometimes can be seen .

Enjoying fishing in Lake Yunoko ( 3 minutes from Konishi Hotel)
Candle Night Festival in July
  Fireworks at festival of Futarasan, Chuzenji
On the top of Mt. Shirane   Going down by 100m by elevator
you can see the waterfall nearby.
Always cool even in summer.
*See frozen waterfall

Oku-nikko is covered with colorful autumnal leaves in Oct and early Nov.
龍頭の滝のモミジが奇麗に   湯元の紅葉
Ryuzu waterfall in autumn   Under the tree in autumn colors

You can sky in the mountain nearby   Mt. Nantai looks pink in winter.
Trecking in snow shoes
Enjoy walking on the virgin snow in snow shoes
Burning a small pieces of holy wood
Rinno Temple
  Santa Clause will welcome you in Dec.
Snow Festival - A thousand Lights in the snow -
Snow Festival  
ice sculpture in snow festival   frozen Kegon waterfall

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